2016 Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Let’s face it – women are so much easier to buy for! For the past 4 years that I’ve been with my partner, I have to rack my brain every single Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and Valentine’s Day to find something that he doesn’t already have and actually wants/have use for. I feel men are very practical, they love having things that they can put to good use so I have gathered up a little list along with some research on what I think would be a good gift for him! (Fingers crossed).


Which guy doesn’t love being pampered once in awhile? Okay, so not every guy admits he loves it – but secretly, it’s a treat! Either buying a shaving kit or booking a barber appointment with the works (whiskey and all) is a great gift idea for someone who has everything! I remember booking my partner a barber appointment and he finally understood the greatness of a facial. Sydney has an array of options that offers these services, just remember to book ahead!

Sunglasses and a classic leather wallet. If you’ve been with your partner awhile, his wallet is probably old and sunnies worn and torn. Treat him to something nice that’ll last a while! You can probably grab a bargain around this time of year as well so be quick before all the good ones go!alcohol-bottles-drinks-party

All guys love alcohol and even if they’re not a big drinker, collecting them has become somewhat of a trend (just look at Instagram). One of my favourite websites to purchase alcohol from is My Bottle ShopΒ which is an Australian site! They offer a ton of exclusive alcohol ranging from Australian craft beer to rare Japanese whiskey. There’s also a great range of gift sets and accessories that can play as awesome Christmas presents.


Power tools and car accessories! You really can’t go wrong with these as gifts for your man. They can never have too many tools and this is a world known fact! If you really can’t find something to buy for him, replacing his old power tool or car part will make him over the moon.

I’ll be honest, this list was harder to come up with than for the ladies but I tried my best! They’re easy to get gifts that you can find in your main department/liquor stores. At the end of the day, he’ll be grateful for whatever it is you buy for him (even if they’re some polka dot socks!). Merry Christmas everyone!




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