4 Podcasts You NEED In Your Life Now!

Catching public transport 5 days a week, 2 hours a day means I can finally sit down and read a book or catch up on some music. However, for the last 3 years I have been sucked into listening to podcasts. I love listening to story telling podcasts however not audiobooks. Podcasts are real and raw, they’re extremely opinionated and you’re bound to find something that changes your perception on life. So here are my top 5 podcasts that I’ve been obsessed with for the past few years.

#1 This American Life

If you’re a podcast lover, you’ll definitely know about This American Life podcast. It was the first podcast I ever really listened to and fell in love with. Ira Glass, the host, is so amazing at his job that every intro into every episode is just riveting. This American Life is a weekly podcast that began in 1995, releasing incredible first person, short stories that will leave you either crying or laughing. Episodes feature topics from embarrassing love stories, to soldiers in war, to politics, to prisons. There’s literally something for everybody. It’s the perfect podcast for newbies!


#2 Risk!

This is definitely a podcast set aside for open minded people. The first episode I heard from Risk! was about a transvestite prostitute at a job with a guy and it was his first time. Let’s just say things got pretty interesting. Risk! is presented by Kevin Allison, an amazingly funny host who is so open and outspoken. These jaw-dropping true stories are for those who can handle sex, drugs, love and life. Some stories will make you laugh all the way to work, others will definitely tug at your heart strings and most will just make you shocked to your core. This is not for the faint of heart so be prepared for literally everything with this podcast!

#3 Serial

This podcast series is one that will make you feel like an investigator the entire season. Serial is a podcast that was founded by the creators of This American Life, and let’s just say it did not disappoint.The host Sarah Koenig does a great job in co-producing, co-creating and narrating the entire series by way of investigative journalism. It follows the mystery murder of teenage girl Hae Min Lee back in 1999. The podcast is set over 12 episodes all different in length. Each episode features host, Sarah Koenig having phone interviews with convicted murderer and Hae Min Lee’s ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed, recapping his series of events during the murder of his ex girlfriend. The entire series is so captivating and captured so much attention that it’s been downloaded over 80 million times. Serial has since released a Season 2 that follows the story of a US soldier who was held by the Taliban for over 5 years. I have yet to listen to this one but it’ll definitely be an interesting one!

#4 The Joe Rogan Experience

If you’re a Fear Factor or UFC fan, you’d know about Joe Rogan. I have been obsessed with this podcast for the past few months – it’s what I listen to on the way to work/school and back. The first time I heard this podcast was in my brother’s car. It was Joe Rogan and comedian Jim Norton having a conversation and it was hilarious. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is as real and raw as they come. Uncensored in every way possible. He introduces so many amazing personalities to his show and they have insightful conversations that will change your life. Since the podcasts are so raw and unedited, some may go for 4 hours. Not only am I obsessed with Joe Rogan’s voice and personality, I love that his mind is so filled with curiosity – he touches on every single subject of life! I find myself mostly drawn to the likes of comedian Joey Diaz, Jim Norton, Hannibal Buress, Tony Hinchcliffe, Dr and PhD Christopher Ryan and documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux. The contents of the JRE podcast is so vast that it can target any listener anytime. When you find a good episode, you’ll never want the conversation to end. Be sure to check this one out because it’s my absolute favourite podcast at the moment! The Joe Rogan Experience.

I listen to all my podcasts through the Android app Podcast Addict – it’s free! The creator of Podcast Addict has unfortunately only created the app that is compatible with Android only, however you can find all these podcasts on iTunes or if you have any free podcast apps for iPhones, please comment below for my fellow Apple users!


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