5 Ways to Kick Start Your 2017!

2016 has quickly come to an end – we’ve had a lot of food, booze and celebration to end what was an amazing yet crazy year. So how do we kick start 2017 in style? How do we actually achieve the goals that we set for the new year instead of push them aside like every other new year’s resolution? Here are 5 kick ass ways to start your 2017 with success.

Try new things. This is so simple yet easily forgotten. We all have a routine that we often get stuck in from day to day which means we neglect the option we have to try new experiences. This can involve anything from making new friends to something more extreme like sky diving. Trying new things can expand our mind and contribute positively to our life. Commit to doing something new everyday for as little as a week and see how this can change your perspective. Some everyday things that you can consider doing include – yoga, eating vegetarian, sleep for a full 8 hours a night, listen to a new genre of music, dedicate some time with your partner minus your phone/laptop. As simple as this sounds, there are so many small things that are part of our routine that can make doing these things difficult. So try new things this year and see how positive your life can become.


Keep an open mind.  My biggest pet peeve of life is people who have a close mind. For people to live in the 21st Century and still not accept certain lifestyles in society is kind of embarrassing. The way we grow and the circumstances that we live in adapt us to think a certain way. We’re conditioned to how we should feel towards something in society. However, allowing our minds to be open and accepting is not only a good thing, it can make us feel positive about ourselves and understanding towards others. As corny as it may seem, it’s definitely importance – especially since 2016 was filled with violence and rage due to people being closed minded and selfish.

Family time. And no, I don’t mean sitting in the lounge room with our faces in our phones! Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this as well – it’s so hard for us to not touch our phones and check social media. But dedicating family time to your loved ones is something we all need to do. Take out the board games and put away the phones. Take one night away from your weekend and spend it with your siblings and parents – they’ll appreciate your company so much more now that you have less and less time.

Create a budget. Set up some financial goals and reach it this year. We are the generation of travel and spending so it’s time to cut back and save it for something that counts – even though I can never buy a house since it’s so goddamn expensive in Sydney, I’m going to try! Online shopping is probably the biggest weakness of my life – it’s just so easy and PayPal makes it even easier. So for 2017, I’m going to set a financial goal to reach by the end of the year and in order to make that goal, I’m going to budget the hell out of my expenses.

Be more active. This is definitely something that we all try to do every single year! It’s so hard to do with work, school, social life, catching up on Netflix. Push those excuses aside! Wake up 30 minutes early and do a quick work out at home. My rule is, if you can make excuses for not working out, then you definitely cannot moan and groan about how big your thighs are, how your muffin top is hanging over your favourite jeans, how you can’t fit into your dress from last year. So if you’re going to complain about your weight, you better be doing something about it. Working out is all about tough love on yourself.

I hope these 5 things can help you kick ass in 2017 – here’s to a better year for both you and I!


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