8 Common Make Up Mistakes

I first started experimenting with make up back in year 10 – kohl eyeliner top and bottom *cringe*. It wasn’t till about 2 years ago that I started learning how to use each beauty product properly. But I still make make up mistakes here and there! So I’ve gathered 8 of the most common make up mistakes that I’ve made and noticed other people do.

Not cleaning your brushes – This is probably something that 90% of us don’t do on a regular basis. Not only is it unhygienic, it alsoΒ effects the application and colour of your make up. Your make up will be uneven and patchy, this is because you still have make up from your recent application. Aside from splotchy make up, unclean brushes will definitely cause break outs and skin rashes so make sure you wash them brushes at least 1-2 times a week!

Using the wrong foundation – This is so common for make up users! I tend to make this mistake because of the super bright lighting in make up stores – even if tested on the jawline (which is the correct area to test!) when seen in natural lighting, it may be lighter. In Australia, we don’t have the luxury to exchange used foundations, therefore, if I accidentally purchased a foundation too light for my skin, I would use a bit more bronzer to even it all out. It’s also a good idea to bring your foundation all the way down to your chest if wearing a low cut top.

Overpowdering – I have extremely oily skin, especially during the warmer seasons so I often find myself powdering an extra layer on my t-zone. In all honesty, you really only need a good quality translucent/mattifying powder and just one layer. If you find your skin getting oily throughout the day, carry blotting sheets or a compact mattifying powder in your bag.

Applying eyeliner on the entire top and bottom lash line – This is something I’m guilty of! Unless you’re dressing up as an Egyptian queen, applying eyeliner on the entire top and bottom lash line won’t accentuate your eyes, instead, they’ll make them appear even smaller. I find applying eyeliner on the top and just half way on the bottom works best for me. However, we all have different eye shapes so this may not work for you – spend time experimenting on different techniques.

Matte lipstick on dry lips – This is probably a huge pet peeve of mine.Β When you find you’re having a bad lip day, throw on some lip balm or lip moisturiser and call it a day. Using a matte lipstick will onlyΒ emphasise the dryness of your lips. My tip? If you know you’re going to use a matte lipstick tomorrow, then moisturise your lips the night before with an overnight lip mask and remember to drink your water to keep your body hydrated. Dry lips are a common symptom of being dehydrated.

Using the correct face primer – Using a primer at all is debatable however if you choose to use one, make sure it’s the right one. A face primer creates a barrier between our skin and the foundation, making it last longer as well as apply smoother however it’s easy and very common for us to pair the wrong primer with the wrong foundation. If you are using a water-based foundation, make sure you’re not applying an oil-based primer because water + oil is a huge no no! So match your water-based foundation and primer so your make up glides beautifully. Otherwise, skip primer altogether and stick with a good moisturiser (I can hear all the make up gurus shunning me from the beauty society, oops!)

Applying make up in the wrong light – Similar to testing make up in a make up store (with their bright light), applying make up in yellow or fluorescent light will compromise the actual colour you see in the mirror. Try and apply make up in natural light – it’s accurate and will show any mistakes you may have made and didn’t notice under your bedroom light.

Using too much mascara – Unless you love the spidery effect (who does though?) then stop using too much mascara! If you want beautiful and voluminous eyelashes, I suggest using some falsies rather than pumping your mascara wand. Over pumping your mascara will allow air to fill the tube and dry it out even quicker – so avoid those clumps!



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