99 Beauty Blogging Ideas

For someone who enjoys writing every single day, it’s the worst when I get writer’s block. No inspiration or creative ideas come to mind, especially when it comes to blogging! It happens to the very best of us – that’s why I’ve decided to create the ultimate list for my beauty/lifestyle bloggers on 99 topics you can write about for your own blog! You’re welcome!

Makeup Topics

  1. Favourite drugstore makeup products
  2. Favourite high end makeup products
  3. Top 5 beauty bargains
  4. 10-minute makeup routine/challenge
  5. Full face glam routine
  6. Top 5 makeup palettes
  7. Seasonal makeup looks – Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas etc.
  8. Makeup can’t live withouts
  9. What’s in my makeup bag?
  10. Go-to lip colour/product
  11. What’s new in makeup this month?
  12. Beauty brand breakdown
  13. Favourite foundations for daytime and nighttime
  14. Top 5 makeup hacks to shorten your makeup routine
  15. Makeup hauls
  16. High end vs drugstore makeup dupes
  17. Best makeup products to travel with
  18. Best makeup products for summer
  19. Best makeup products for winter
  20. Favourite makeup storage products
  21. Guide to building your makeup kit/bag
  22. Top 5 makeup products every girl should carry
  23. Favourite products to create a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look
  24. Your top 5 celebrity beauty muses
  25. Top 5 beauty brands that you’re loving
  26. Cult beauty brands on the rise
  27. Ingredients in makeup that you should avoid
  28. The latest crazy makeup trends on social media
  29. Makeup industry terms and definitions
  30. Unconventional makeup hacks and products that work
  31. Makeup do and don’t
  32. Makeup trend predictions
  33. Favourite all time makeup brushes
  34. Share your makeup desk/station
  35. How to apply false lashes
  36. Favourite makeup looks on Youtube

Skincare Topics

  1. Daytime skincare routine
  2. Nighttime skincare routine
  3. Holy grail eye cream
  4. New trending skincare products/brands
  5. Monthly skincare empties
  6. Best skincare products you can travel with
  7. Worst skincare products you’ve used
  8. Favourite products to pamper yourself with
  9. DIY skin masks with ingredients in your kitchen
  10. Top 3 essential oils for healthy skin
  11. Top 5 sheet masks that changed my life
  12. Best skincare ingredients for dry skin
  13. Best skincare ingredients for oily skin
  14. How to look after teenage skin
  15. Top 5 celebrity claimed skincare products
  16. Recently purchased skincare
  17. Top 5 cult favourite skincare products
  18. Skincare products you hated
  19. Top 5 skincare hacks
  20. Skincare products on your wishlist

Hair Topics

  1. Your top hair care products
  2. Your current hair care routine
  3. Favourite shampoo/conditioner
  4. Top 5 hair masks
  5. Your go-to everyday hair style
  6. Trendy hair colours for the season
  7. Ways to use different oils for your hair
  8. Top time-saving tips for your hair
  9. How to curl your hair with no heat
  10. How to purchase the right hair extensions for you
  11. Top 5 short hair styles for summer
  12. Top 5 quick and easy back to school hair styles
  13. How to pick the right hair stylist for you
  14. How to pick the right hair colour for you
  15. How to avoid frizzy and dry hair
  16. Your favourite hair trends on Instagram
  17. Top 3 hair care products you travel with
  18. The best hair brushes/combs for you
  19. How to DIY dye your own hair
  20. Your top 5 hair care brands that you swear by
  21. How to create beachy waves
  22. How to straighten hair without damaging it
  23. DIY hair masks

Blogging Topics

  1. Your blogging journey
  2. Top 5 goals for your blog
  3. How you prepare and create content for your blog/social media
  4. Your top 3 spots to get inspiration
  5. Favourite bloggers and influencers
  6. Your inspiration for your blog
  7. The story behind your blog
  8. Top 5 challenges faced when starting your blog
  9. Top 5 wins from starting your blog
  10. Tips for anyone who want to start beauty blogging
  11. Tips for taking high quality photos for your blog
  12. Advice on where you purchase equipment/props for taking blog photos
  13. Your work/life/blogging balance
  14. How you manage the stresses of work PLUS blogging
  15. Tips to help with writer’s block
  16. How to connect with other bloggers
  17. Tips on creating engaging content
  18. How to approach PR companies and beauty brands
  19. Your blogging diary/planner
  20. How you arrange your workspace

These should keep you busy! x



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