A Guide to 2018’s Autumn Trends | AU

I didn’t want to write this post simply because I don’t want summer to leave! But unfortunately, we’re about a week away from autumn. As much as I hate the cold change, I absolutely love autumn trends, the colours, fashion and change in leaves are always gorgeous. In today’s post, I’ll be giving you guys a guide to this year’s autumn trends, beauty edition!



Taken from Melt Cosmetics Pinterest

We’ll of course, start with my favourite topic – beauty. Autumn is the perfect time to rock a deep red or cranberry shade (not that you need an excuse to), but autumn is my favourite time to wear a dark shade on my lips for a day look. But we’ll also see glossy lips make an even greater comeback this autumn – I’m talking extreme gloss. I’m usually an all matte girl, but this autumn, I’m excited to switch it up and rock a super glossed up, editorial lip.

Besides a dark glossed lip, I also think the trend will lead towards a completely muted matte lip – almost a morbid lip. This is probably a trend I won’t be following but definitely interesting to see it become popular in fashion shows. It’d also look amazing with a dark smokey eye!


Cara Delevingne

This is a trend I stick with all year round. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d notice that about 80% of my makeup looks and eyeshadow palettes are warm toned. In autumn this year, we’ll see trends of red eyeshadow – which can be extremely hard to pull off and make you look like you have a big bruise, however, apply it correctly and it’ll look incredible.

I also think there will be more looks with glossy lids. Soft and dewy is a trend that won’t be leaving us any time soon and that means dewy eyeshadow as well. For some reason, we’re obsessed with the ‘wet look’ ever since Kim K rocked that wet hair style a couple years ago.


Gigi Hadid

Like I mentioned, dewy skin will be around for 2018 – it’s definitely not going anywhere. Due to the cold change in autumn, everyone will be vying for that perfect dewy and sun kissed look. Foundations will be released in either matte or dewy formula and liquid highlighters will continue it’s popularity among beauty brands.



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