Affordable Make Up

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As an Australian twenty-something year old gal who is obsessed with beauty products, it can be extremely hard to walk out of a Sephora, Mecca or Priceline empty handed. It’s literally unheard of. Even if I have 3 nude lippies sitting at home, I just need this new one that is a quarter of a shade lighter than the one I have which means I need this now. But if you didn’t know already, Australia is an expensive country. We’ve been ranked the world’s most expensive country in the world for 4 consecutive years as of 2015 – yayyy.

So as someone who needs to purchase as many beauty products as possible, I needed to learn how and where to buy my products at an affordable rate. If you’re like me, your history browser is probably filled with ‘cheap online makeup Australia’ or ‘real makeup online Australia’ etc. But ever since I discovered Catch of the Day, I didn’t have to Google that anymore. That’s right, Catch of Day is an online supermarket that distributes thousands upon thousands of products from makeup to TV’s to chocolate to nappies – they have everything.

Now my favourite beauty product ever just so happens to be the Bioderma Micellar  Water which is usually $42 in Priceline for a 500ml bottle and $25 whenever Priceline have their awesome 40% off skincare – this is basically Australia’s version of Black Friday. Everyone is rushing for those Bioderma bottles because we all know it is the BUT on Catch of the Day, Bioderma 250ml is $11.99. If you’re bad at math, let me break it down for you – two of these bottles = 500ml which = $24! And this is their price forever. Are you searching for it right now on Catch of the Day? You better be!

Catch of Day also provides free shipping for members called Club Catch, who sign up at $69 per year which means exclusive deals, free shipping on $50+ orders and early access to special deals (which you definitely want for Black Friday and Christmas deals). They even have a 30 day trial to try out Club Catch – just remember to cancel if you decide you don’t want to continue the membership!

I love Catch of the Day and I have been using it for the past 4 years – I’ve purchased Christmas presents from here as well as my makeup that I can’t justify paying for full price. Check it out guys! Just don’t blame me if I put a dent in your bank account!


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