Beauty Trend Predictions for 2018

Helloooo 2018! I cannot believe we are in a brand spankin’ new year already. I know, I know, EVERYONE is saying that but I had to!

To bring in the new year, I’ve decided to post my predictions for beauty trends that will explode in 2018. I may wrong, I may be right – who bloody cares? They’reΒ my predictions! So let’s get to it!

Prediction #1 – K-Beauty & J-Beauty

So we’ve had a slight obsession with the Korean and Japanese beauty scene, but it’ll only get bigger. Why? Because Korean and Japanese people (both men and women) have flawless and porcelain skin. Whatever they’re using on their skin, we want in. So hit us with all you’ve got! Let us soak in the sheet masks and green tea.

Prediction #2 – ‘Clean’ Makeup

This does not refer to natural and organic ingredients. ‘Clean’ makeup is a term used for products that are beneficial to our skin. Who’s heard of makeup that is good for our skin? Not a lot! (Leesa Barr’s does so check her out here!) Move over ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ because in 2017, when brands referred to these terms, it was a little ambiguous. So 2018 is the year where we keep it nice and clean. (See what I did there?)

Prediction #3 – Non-invasive Beauty Procedures

Let’s be real. We are a narcissistic society. We love to look and feel good about ourselves. But one of the most popular questions in the beauty industry when it comes to wrinkles, anti-aging, botox, fillers etc, is ‘is it invasive?’ Because let’s face it, no one want’s to go under the knife unless it’s a life or death situation. Non-invasive beauty procedures will be a major thing in 2018 so look out for those chemical peels and liposuction that don’t require knife work! What a world we live in.

Prediction #4 – Inclusive Beauty

We’ve seen what Rihanna’s Fenty Foundation has done to the beauty industry. So it’s not surprising to see this prediction for 2018. This year, it’ll be about providing products that cater to all skin colours and skin types. There will be a significant increase in inclusion of different skin toned models across beauty brands as well. No matter what your personal thoughts are on this controversial topic, it’s definitely one that needed to be brought up so I’m glad that there are brands starting to make adjustments in their products.

Prediction #5 – Oils

Last year, we saw a huge increase in using oils for the face – despite having oily skin, there are particular ones that can work on all skin types and are extremely beneficial. However, 2018 sees oils that are used for everything beauty related! Hair, skincare and body. This is one that I’m excited for! I was once skeptical about using oil on my oily face, but it has truly made the biggest difference to my skin! So get on board, the oil train.

I hope you guys enjoyed my predictions for 2018 – if you have any of your own, please list them in the comments! I’d love to know what you think will happen in 2018.


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