Eyelash Extensions 101

I’ve gotten eyelash extensions twice now – which means I’m definitely no expert but I wanted to share my experience and tips for you if you ever decided to get them too. I’m an absolute sucker for false lashes, but let’s be honest – I’m not going to apply lashes every single day to work nor would I want to. As much as they enhance our eyes, they’re a bitch to apply especially when you’re having a bad morning or you’re in a rush. From squeezing out the glue which can sometimes explode (WHY) to fiddling around with the actual strip of lash and then waiting for the glue to get perfectly tacky otherwise you have half a lash falling off. It’s a big inconvenience sometimes, that’s why I choose to only wear falsies on very special occasions.

But lash extensions have brought to us a whole new ball game. When I saw some of my girlfriends get their lashes done, I was amazed at how beautiful and natural it looked. I was definitely hesitant though – I mean can you imagine the worse case scenario where your lashes bloody fall off?! Hell no. When I did it the first time, all was swell – I loved not having to apply any eye make up. So as a 2 time user (I’m practically a pro!), I decided to put together some advice for any of you who want to get lash extensions but need that extra push.

What are they?

Let’s get this out of the way first! Similar to the ones you can get on your head, eyelash extensions are either made of silk, mink, human (eek!) or other synthetics and are individually glued to your real lashes semi-permanently. The biggest myth about lash extensions are that they ruin your natural lashes. They can only really ruin your lashes if they are not applied and removed correctly. So with that out of the way!

Choosing a Beautician

Okay, so ‘beautician’ sounds a little fancy since almost every nail/waxing store offers lash extensions as an option. I would LOVE it if one of these stores offered lash extensions and manicures at the same time! With the many, many, many places that offer lash extensions in Sydney alone, it’s enough to make you want to can the whole idea altogether. Choosing a spot is probably the most important part of this experience.

Some of the things I look for include, pricing, period of time it takes to apply and their previous work. These are all factors that you need to think about before committing to a beautician. You’re basically placing your eyelashes in their hands and they can either make you slaaay or make you look like a gremlin.

Eyelash extensions should cost no less than $80 unless you’re getting mate’s rates. Anything less than that, you need to really question the quality of the lash and glue that they’ll be using on you. Applying lashes is such a delicate process – the typical time frame is between an hour to 2 hours! I know, us ladies go through so much to look beautiful! Anything less than that – you need to question them why. And finally, their before and after pictures. Similar to any other service, you need to know that your beautician has had previous experience – so don’t be afraid to ask for images of their work. If you have these 3 down pat, you’re on your way to fierce looking lashes!

Choosing your Lashes

So there isn’t just one type of lash – there isn’t really one type of anything in the beauty world if you really think about it! So here are the different types, sizes and curls that you can choose from. Lash length typically ranges from 10-15mm – question is, do you want au natural or look like a Kardashian? I have 11mm on the inner corner, then 12mm on the outer corner. This depends on your preference but it also depends on your eye size. If you have smaller eyes, you really don’t want to jump for the 15mm as they’ll make your eyes even smaller – opt for the shorter length and build up if you want.

As mentioned above, there are different types of lashes as well. Mink, silk, human or synthetic hairs are all options when having lash extensions done. These are all obviously attached to their own price points due to their quality. Mink tends to be on the pricey side as they’re fluffy and voluminous.

Source: http://www.thelashboutiquewpb.com/services

Finally, the curl. Do you have eyelashes that point straight down no matter which eyelash curler you’re using? It can get so annoying! Eyelash extensions also have different types of curls, from J which is the most natural to D which is your ultimate curl. This is also a personal preference but just be aware that your eye size plays a major role in your choosing of the curl and length!

Time Frame

I think the first thing I underestimated when getting my lashes done was the amount of time it took. My first time took almost 2 and a half hours which was way too long – I learnt my lesson there! Lying down for 2 hours may seem cosy and comfortable but it can definitely put a strain on your back, especially since your body is in reflex mode – you don’t know what your surroundings are like since your eyes are closed. If you can sleep easily (lucky you), I recommend falling into a nice little nap.

Closed Eyes

Keep in mind that when people are working on your lashes, you’ll have them closed for majority of the application and it WILL take time. Try and stay relaxed and calm – I feel that when I have my eyes closed and I’m not relaxed, my eyes shake tremendously. If you don’t keep your eyes closed properly throughout, there’s a chance the glue can seep through which means opening your eye may cause a bit of stinging – be prepared for this and make sure you don’t immediately rub your eyes! Dab it gently with a tissue paper and the stinging/redness will go away in a couple of hours. However if it doesn’t, this means you may have an allergic reaction – ALWAYS check first.


The usual lifespan of eyelash extensions are 2-3 weeks, however with extra care, you can definitely prolong it to save some money. If you want to prolong your lashes, be sure not to soak them in water when washing your face – I use cotton buds to clean around my eyes and remove all make up. You should also try and stay away from oil-based products on your face as this can loosen the glue on your lashes making them fall off.

DON’T pull your lashes off, even if they’re hanging off your eye and make you look crazy! Get them removed professionally or let them fall off naturally. If you’re desperate for them to come off, gently rub some coconut oil or an oil-based make up remover every night. Eyelash extensions can definitely be damaging, but only if you are careless.

After Aftercare

When all your lashes have been removed, you can put them through a little lash rehab which means rubbing Vaseline or coconut oil on them every night so they can return to their natural state. Try and stay away from curling your lashes and applying mascara for a little while and once your lashes are good, you can get them done up again or simply stick to mascara!

Eyelash extensions may not be for everyone but they’re definitely a luxurious option we have when we want to feel beautiful! Be sure to do your research and prep before committing to having them done.

For anyone interested, my lash lady runs her salon in Liverpool, Sydney called Eternal Beauty & Nails. Her and her husband run their business together and are such lovely people! I really enjoyed having my lashes done by her, she was meticulous, careful and incredibly gentle.

Dislcaimer : I am not an expert on lash extensionsΒ so please do not take my information as professional advice. As always, do your own research.


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