Fitness Journey

The new year is just around the corner, literally. So what better time than now to post my fitness journey? Should we start from the beginning? I hope I don’t bore you guys with this, but a lot of you were interested! Just to let you know, I lay it all out straight – I give you my measurements which is a huge deal to me however, I think it’ll benefit and hopefully inspire some of you 🙂

All through primary school, I was extremely athletic – I did every sport I could and athletics carnivals were my favourite time of year. I was competitive and a tomboy throughout primary school (shocking right?) I was also one of those girls that everybody hated because I could smash all the junk food in the world and still be stick thin. I had no  curves and at that age, I didn’t really care.

Up until year 9-10, I swapped out sports for ‘study sessions’ with my friends. I no longer played sports outside of school and I still ate the same way I always did, except, this time, it started to catch up to me. I also started to grow in some curves – not too much, but enough. For years, I didn’t do any exercise, I was busy with uni, work and a social life. Then I met my now boyfriend and fast forward 5 years later, I am what I am now. Slightly heavier than I think I should be and a whole lot curvier.

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that this started to bother me. My asthma was acting up (it did not bother me for years), my cholesterol was slightly higher than it should be and I was doing nothing to help myself. I love food and it was one thing that I did not want to give up. So in August of 2017, my brother (a gym fanatic) was going away to Hawaii for 2 weeks – he suggested that I take his 2 a week sessions with his personal trainer, Daniel. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30am – yes, AM. It was definitely something I didn’t want to do but had to.

First session

My first session with Daniel was both nerve-racking and tiring (I had to be up so early!) however I was excited to start a new journey. My first session was 5 minutes of measurements followed by half an hour of extreme physical exhaustion. Okay, so it was that traumatic, it was, however, very challenging. The first session was a test to see where my body is at and after running back and forth with the sled, my body gave out and I threw up (in the bathroom, thank god). The measurements from my first session are as follows:

8th August, 2017

Weight: 66.4kg

Height: 161.4cm

Chest girth: 90cm

Waist girth: 76.5cm

Hip girth: 100.5cm

Right thigh girth: 57.5cm

Right arm girth: 27cm

Body fat %: 33.8

Muscle mass: 41.7kg

Visceral Fat: 3

Metabolic age: 36

What shocked me the most was my metabolic age – 36?! That’s a 13 year difference. When Daniel asked me what my goal was at the beginning of the session, I didn’t really know what to say. I just wanted to feel better about myself. I wanted to be able to fit into clothes nicely without having to decided on all black because it made me look slimmer. At the end of the day, every single thing I do that is related to my fitness, is for me. And that’s the most important thing.

First 2 months

After the first 2 sessions, I was no longer dreading coming to the gym. I saw a glimmer of hope for change and I was excited to train. I feel a lot of people tend to give up because they work so hard and they don’t see any change. You need to give it more than a week. The first two months I was training extremely hard and cutting out as many carbs as I could – white rice, white bread and substituting it for brown rice etc. I also put in more days to train, besides the PT sessions, I was also going on other days to train by myself as well as after work with my bf. I was extremely motivated and nervous for measurement updates.

The morning of my 24th birthday, we had measurement updates and the results are:

Weight: 64.4kg – lost 2kgs

Height: 161.4cm

Chest girth: 88cm – lost 2cm

Waist girth: 73.5cm – lost 3cm

Hip girth: 98cm – lost 2.5cm

Right thigh girth: 56cm – lost 1.5cm

Right arm girth: 27cm – same

Body fat %: 32.4 – lost 1.4%

Muscle mass: 41.3kg – gained 0.4kg

Visceral Fat: 3 – same

Metabolic age: 32 – lost 4 yrs

Results speak for themselves, I was extremely happy overall that everything (except for my arms) had improved. This is what drove me even more.


I recently had another measurement update before the Christmas break – I’ll admit, I wasn’t as strict with my eating during these months however I did workout a lot more than before. Without boring you guys anymore, here are my latest results:

20th December 2017

Weight: 64.3kg – to date, lost 2.2kgs

Height: 161.4cm

Chest girth: 87.5cm – to date, lost 2.5cm

Waist girth: 72.8cm – to date, lost 3.7cm

Hip girth: 98cm – to date, lost 2cm

Right thigh girth: 54.5cm – to date, lost 3cm

Right arm girth: 26.8cm – to date, lost 0.2cm

Body fat %: 30.3 – to date, lost 3.5%

Muscle mass: 42.5kg – to date, gained 1.2kg

Visceral Fat: 3

Metabolic age: 29 – to date, lowered age by 7 yrs


These numbers don’t seem like a whole lot but they mean a ton to me because I worked each mm off – and it’s been tough. My trainer has been an incredible motivator to me and if I’ve learnt anything in the past 4 months, it’s that I’m stronger than I ever thought I was. Physically, I see some changes however I know I can change more. In terms of health, I have not had to rely on my puffer at all, I sleep 10 times better at night and wake up feeling extremely refreshed.

If you’ve joined the gym and let them take your money while you sit at home and binge watch Netflix, sign up for a personal trainer – they’ll change your life. They know what they’re doing and they’ll change your perception on fitness in an amazing way. If you’re in the Western Sydney area, check out Fitness Forum – they’re the best group of people who will go out of their way to help you reach your fitness goals.

Fitness has become a huge part of my life and although I can’t scope how much I’ll lose or gain over the next two months, I know I’ll be working hard. My goal for January, 2018 is hitting the gym every weekday at 5.30/6am and Saturdays. Do you dare join me?



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  1. Wow! What an inspiration! I joined the my local Fernwood earlier this year (I’ve never in my whole life been a sporty person!) and I have to say I have enjoyed it – just doing the group classes mainly. Although I’ve become a bit slack over the last few months, I’ve used Moving house, Christmas and so on as excuses. But after reading your post I’m motivated again to kickstart 2018 with a bang back at Fernwood! Thanks Vee – and all the best to you for your 2018!

    • Thank you so much Tiffany for your words of support! I will be focusing most of my energy on this blog and fitness so cheers to a healthier lifestyle for 2018!