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I was generously sent some haircare products from – I’m not a person that cares as much about my hair however I was so excited to try these out. evo is a professional hair and beauty product with witty slogans and a wide range of products to their brand. I was sent 4 products:

  • gluttony volume shampoo
  • happy campers leave-in moisturiser
  • liquid rollers curl balm
  • easy tiger smoothing balm

gluttony volume shampoo

I’m a girl with dull and thin hair so when I see any hair product with the word ‘volume’ I’m all for it. The evo gluttony volume shampoo is packed with proteins that help thicken the hair and UV protectors that shields the hair from the sun – this is always a bonus! The packaging of the shampoo may seem a bit bulky for travel  as it is a rectangular shape. The only thing I didn’t like about the packaging is when it reaches the end of the bottle, it gets tricky to squeeze as the bottle is a harder than normal type of plastic. evo has great tag lines on their products – this shampoo has

‘who ate all the pies? who at all the pies? your hair ate all the pies cos’ it’s a fat bast@%$… need we say more?’

Hilarious and original! The evo gluttony volume shampoo is retailed at $31.30 (300ml) which may seem a little steep. When I first used the shampoo I thought it was okay in terms of cleaning my hair. It did not leave it dry at all however it didn’t really thicken my hair either – at least not on the first night. It has a botanical smell which may get some time getting used to. I used the shampoo for about 2.5 weeks and decided to stop as it wasn’t really doing what my hair wanted – I felt like it made my hair extremely knotty (my hair easily knots anyways) but even more than usual. Unfortunately, this product didn’t really work well for me!

happy campers leave-in moisturiser

For someone with oily hair, a leave-in moisturiser was something I was afraid of using! However, for my readers I decided to take the plunge. The evo happy campers leave-in moisturiser is perfect for hair hydration and sun protection because yes, your hair definitely burns! When I used this moisturiser, I made sure to apply only to the tips of my bleached hair as this part is the driest. I found this product really made my hair more manageable, especially after the shampoo. It’s a treat for my locks that I adore and the smell is great too. This moisturiser retails at $31.30 for (150ml) which is again, quite expensive I think.

liquid rollers curl balm

I was super curious about this product when I first saw it. From just the front of the bottle, I assumed the product would either protect my hair from the heat or keep my curls in tact after I style it. It was the latter and I did not mind that at all. I love curling my hair but I try not to do it so often as I want my hair as undamaged as possible. But I definitely had to try it with the curl balm. This product claims to hold curls together and protects against frizz and it definitely did what it’s suppose to! Yay!

After washing my hair, I apply a small amount to my damp hair and let it air dry. Then I curl my hair with the NuMe curling tongs and voila! I have frizz free curls! I love it and this is a product I’d definitely repurchase. It retails for $31.30 (200ml).

easy tiger smoothing balm

Out of all 4 products, this one was my favourite. I used this almost every second day – even when I was in Vietnam. My hair is really dry at the tips and I have a lot of flyaways as well. The smoothing balm kept my hair in tact without making it look or feel greasy. I used it on my hair when it was dry or damp and it worked well in both instances. I would definitely buy this product again! The smoothing balm retails for $31.31.

You can find all the mentioned products from – be sure to check them out for an extensive list of hair products, skincare and makeup.

All prices were taken from – thanks to who provided products as a gift for possible editorial piece. Although a gift, all reviews and opinions are 100% honest.


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