ItsJudyTime x Pixi Palette Review

I have been an ItsJudyTime/ItsJudysLife fan for a really long time now (since the birth of Julianna bear!) and I have followed this family religiously on Youtube. (If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, you can check out ItsJudyTime and ItsJudysLife via the links!). When I found out that Judy and Pixi by Petra were collaborating on two new palettes, I was beyond excited! So let’s get right into my thoughts about the packaging, scent and quality.

Background & Packaging

Judy released an eye shadow palette and a lip palette, each called ItsEyeTime and ItsLipTime. They’re really cute names and definitely makes sense to her audience. The packaging comes in a lilac cardboard box with a clear plastic over the shades – this is great as we’re able to see the actual shades (as opposed to images of it on the outside). The actual packaging is the light Pixi green colour with the Pixi and ItsJudyTime logo written on the front in gold.

The packaging is quite sleek and fits easily into a handbag which goes hand in hand with Judy Travis’ lifestyle of travelling quite often. She says “I travel quite often and typically bring minimal make up, which is why I love palettes. I like having a variety of of colours to choose from without packing so many products in my make up bag.” Each palette also comes with a small mirror that can be stuck to the plastic – I think the fact that you can customise where the mirror goes is quite smart.

The ItsEyeTime palette features 12 beautiful matte and shimmer shades, mostly in a neutrally hued tone. The ItsLipTime palette gives us 12 everyday lip colours which can be used on either the lips or cheek (we love multi-use products!). Each palette retails for £28 which equals $45.45 AUD directly from PIxi Beauty website – she offers free international shipping for purchases over £35 which is awesome! You can also purchase these palettes from ASOS for $55AUD each if you don’t like waiting!


If you’ve followed Judy on her social media accounts for a while, you’ll know that the first thing she does when she opens up any new beauty product is smell it. I don’t even know when this started but I do it as well – we just love it when make up smells good! So Judy made it her mission to create a light, strawberry scent for her lip palette. It reminds me of the good ol’ Chapstick smell!

Pigment & Swatches

Okay, let’s get to the nitty gritty stuff and the million dollar question – is it worth it?


I feel like this palette is definitely worth it for it’s pigment, everyday wearable colours and quality of the shades. For $45AUD, you have 12 colours with a mix of both mattes and shimmers. This palette is definitely worth it because you can use this on yourself on a daily basis or on a client (if you’re in the make up industry). The bottom 6 shades are perfect for a night time look and the top 6 are great for your day to day glam.

The quality of the palette is as good as it’s price – in saying that, I’m perfectly happy paying $45 for this palette that has quality and will be used a lot. When reading other people’s reviews, there was a lot of ‘it’s not good quality, I thought it’d be better’ however, they’re comparing it to the likes of Too Faced or Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes which retail for over $70. So whilst the pigment isn’t as strong, I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a neutral palette or is starting out with make up!


I’ll just come right out and say it; the lip palette is not as great. The colours are beautiful however when applied or swatched, its quite faint. I feel that this palette should have been less than $45, perhaps in the $30 range. The first row of colours needs to be layered to be seen which can be frustrating, the rest of the colours are good with one layer however when you pick up the pigment, I recommend using your finger for best application. The dark colours on the bottom row are my favourite and the fact that it’s not highly pigmented can work in your favour. Dark colours are easy to smudge but hard to get rid of, so using the rule of make up application, ‘go light then build’ really works for this palette.

Overall Thoughts

I love this collection that Judy and Pixi did – but it’s definitely a hit and miss with the lip palette. If you’ve tried either palettes, I’d love to know your thoughts! Leave me a comment below 🙂


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    • Hi Krystal! It’s a UK brand – they’re known for some really great skin tonics and skincare as well as brow products. They recently launched some collabs with well known Youtubers! Definitely check it out if you can! X

  1. This is not a brand I am familiar with at all. Lovely honest review on the products. Thanks for sharing your advice regarding building colours for perfect cover.

    • Thank you Debra! It’s so overwhelming when new brands keep entering the beauty industry but the more the merrier! I’m all about honest reviews 🙂

  2. Hi Veronica, very descriptive. The photos also help to have an idea about the colours available. Well done.

  3. I’m such a sucker for palettes – though I’ve never bought a lip palette for myself, which makes perfect sense with needing to keep my travel makeup kit low-maintenance. Thanks for the thorough review! x