Learn How to Say No to Yourself

We’ve all heard of tips and advice on how to say ‘no’ to others – standing up for yourself and ensuring that you don’t taken advantage of in the real world. But what about learning self control? I think the biggest weakness I have when it comes to trying to lose weight, eating healthier and spending less money is the fact that I always allow myself to say ‘yes’. Learning how to say ‘no’ to yourself will allow you to set some boundaries and have self control.

For myself, 2017 will be the year where I will say ‘no’ to myself more often (especially when it comes to indulgent eating and spending!). Saying ‘no’ to myself will not only be physically healthy, it’ll be great mentally and financially. Denying myself of luxury goods that aren’t a necessity will further enable me to say ‘yes’ in the future to something more practical – say, a house? Makes a bit more sense now doesn’t it. In a strange way, by saying ‘no’ to yourself, you’re really allowing yourself to say ‘yes’ to bigger things in the future.

This is a great way to narrow down the guilty pleasures in life – do you really need that new Too Faced palette? My heart says YES but my wallet slightly disagrees with me. Everyone has that one or two things that they love to purchase – my sweet indulgent is food and make up. Without thinking like a make up artist, how many nude lipsticks do I need? Do I really need to eat ice cream after my McDonald’s meal? By asking questions like this, it helps us see things from a different perspective.

If you’re still wondering ‘What the hell is this girl on about? What kind of new year’s resolution is this? Life is about saying yes!’ The easiest way for me to explain my logic is: if I say no to buying coffee everyday before work and make it myself at home, I’ll be able to save $4 a day (working 3 days a week) which means I’m able to save $12 a week and therefore $624 a year. Which is an awesome amount to save! However, instead of simply saying no to buying coffee in the morning, I’m going to put away the $12 a week into a savings labelled ‘NO’. Any other guilty pleasures that I find myself being able to say no to, I’ll place in this savings and we’ll see how far I get throughout the year.

In a similar fashion, I’ll be trying my very hardest to say no to junk food (this will be the biggest challenge of them all). Not only is this going to be great for my health, it’s also a test for my will power. How strong is my mind? How much self control do I have? This isn’t so much my 2017 new year’s resolution – hopefully it’s something I can do for life. What self control tips do you have or do you use on yourself? What guilty pleasures will you be denying yourself of? Join me in my challenge and I will check back in 3 months to see how much I’ve saved!


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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I’ve had to say no to myself for a lot of things over the years and I pretty much stick to it. People have told me I have a lot of self-will though. I’ve avoided soda, ice cream, pre-packaged juices, donuts, candy, frozen food, all fast food franchises, tilapia, catfish….you name it, for the last few years. I enjoyed eating every single item I listed but I had to cease all of it because it just doesn’t make any sense to eat for reasons besides being unhealthy for consumption. I still struggle with sweets/desserts. If I’m abroad, I might buy when dining out but at home, I’ll bake from scratch desserts once in a while.

    • Thanks for your comment Ann!
      It can be so hard to say no sometimes but it definitely takes a lot of will power to do so in order to benefit yourself and be health conscious!