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Not too long ago, I received a lovely package from Leesa Barr – now if you don’t know or never heard of her before, you really need to get with the times! Leesa has cleverly created her collection surrounding the idea that makeup doesn’t have to be bad for your skin. As an advocate of high quality and healing ingredients, Leesa has truly shaped her brand to shine among all the others and today, I’ll be reviewing her products that were generously sent to me. Leesa has also set up a code beautybyvee for 10% off your entire order! And before we jump into the review, I also created a look using Leesa’s products which you can check out here.

Mesmereyes Long Wear Mascara

The one thing that caught my attention about this mascara is the shape and the uniqueness of the brush. When I first used the Mesmereyes Mascara, I had just removed my eyelash extensions – well, they fell off more like it. My eyes were bare and I felt naked! I missed having long and thick lashes so badly so I thought I’d give this a whirl. This wonder brush mascara worked like magic! It coated my individual lashes so nicely with no clumps (which is the WORST when it happens right?). I was mesmerised (like what I did there?). No clumps, no smudges and lasted all day. Want to know something even better? This mascara is formulated with Vitamin A, C and E.

Vitamin A – helps produce healthy sebum to coat and protect the lashes

Vitamin C – strengthens lashes

Vitamin E – helps repair and rebuild lashes

Pretty amazing right?

You can shop the Mesmereyes Long Wear Mascara here.

Luxe Lip Brush

First of all, props to Leesa for making this beautiful brush rose gold! It’s absolutely perfect in every single way. Secondly, I’m not usually someone who uses a lip liner to apply lipstick. However, Leesa added in her note for me that she highly recommends using the Luxe Lip Brush when applying the lipstick and boy was she right. Applying red lipstick is tricky for everyone, no matter how long you’ve been using makeup. The lip brush is the perfect tool when applying lipstick due to it’s shape and flexibility to reach the corners of the mouth without smudging it. It gives me clean and crisp lines which is exactly what I need when using red lipstick. And check this out, it’s 100% vegan.

Shop the Luxe Lip Brush here.

Lip Liner – Royal Red

Again, I’m not one to use a lip liner, especially when I do very easy looks. However, a lip liner is exactly what you need when playing with a red lip. Why you ask? It stops feathering and increases longevity. I loved this lip liner especially for it’s thin shape – this makes it easy to draw the line. To avoid messing up, make sure you draw against your natural lip line – over lining your lips will only make mistakes more obvious! The shade Royal Red is the most perfect red shade I own. This lip liner is formulated with Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter for moisture and conditioning so don’t worry about dried out lips.

Shop the Lip Liner in Royal Red here.

Lipstick – Blue Blood


I’ve saved the best for last! If there’s any makeup product that makes me feel empowered and like a boss ass bitch, it’s the perfect red lipstick. The Leesa Barr lipstick in shade Blue Blood is exactly as the name suggests. The shade is a gorgeous blood red with a cool undertone which gives you a pearly white smile. I LOVE this shade and I’m so glad Leesa created this lipstick with a moisturising light weight formula. I know what I’ll be wearing all through Christmas this year!

Shop the lipstick in shade Blue Blood here.

Don’t forget to use code beautybyvee for 10% off your entire order!

Please note that although Leesa Barr has sent these products to Beauty By Vee for possible editorial opportunities, all reviews are 100% honest and my own.


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