How to Overcome Feelings of Jealousy

So I just saw an old picture of Jeffree Starr rocking a long sleeve body-con dress with blue and red sequins – it’s a Twitter post he tweeted saying Erika Jane wore the same dress for the Grammy’s blah blah, gossip gossip (if you’re interested though, it’s just here). ANYWAYS, back to my point, how does he look so good in this dress?! How am I jealous of this man rocking this unbelievable dress?! It’s crazy right?

In this day and age, jealousy can come around and bite us in the ass so easily! We see beautiful people, high success and wealth just lingering around us everywhere. Which causes us to ask, when is it my turn?

Let’s talk about jealousy and how to overcome these green feelings. It’s probably one of the worst feelings to have about another human being, because jealousy can revert to anger and eventually, snide remarks.

Accept It

Let’s not be in denial. “What we resist, persists.” Fully accept the fact that you are feeling jealous or else you’ll really never be able to get out of it. If you allow yourself to absorb the feeling of jealousy and anger, you will be able to eventually work out the why’s and how’s afterwards. Jealousy is just your ego’s crave for some attention – which is perfectly okay!

Assess Yourself

Usually, when we feel jealous, it’s because we’re feeling insecure about something. For example, when I see a beautiful blogger/model on Instagram, I’m so envious at her flat stomach and still continue to shove pizza and chocolate down my throat #fatlyf.

Before you try to overcome your feelings of jealousy, make sure you understand where it’s coming from. Is it a relationship type of jealousy? Did someone do a better job at work than you did? Did you catch the Miss Universe bathing suit part of the competition? (Yep, me!). Assess why, first.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Okay, so it’s easier said than done. But it’s definitely doable. The concept of comparing yourself to another eventually leads you down the green pathway of jealousy. Instead of comparing yourself to another, look for the positive differences and uniqueness about yourself. So that girl on Instagram has a bangin’ body, you have the amazing personality who’s not afraid to show it off! Or sure the blog post you just read completely killed your confidence about your own work, go back and edit it so it’s just as awesome.

Let’s Be Real

Realistically, this feeling of jealousy that you have – is it a real threat? Will it steal your boyfriend? Will it take your job? That girl in the magazine, probably doesn’t have those intentions right? So it’s best to look at things from a realistic point of view.

Once you answer these questions honestly and truthfully, the feeling of jealousy will probably disappear. However, if you feel that you still feel a certain way, a negative way, it’s best to talk it out with someone.

Find Love for Yourself

Confidence and self-image plays a major role in jealousy and a big part of this comes from not knowing how to love yourself. People may feel that this is such a narcissistic thing to do but really, it’s something we need. If you don’t learn to love yourself first how will you ever find love in someone else?

Being 100% comfortable and secure about yourself will definitely keep you away from feeling jealousy. Focus on yourself rather than other people. So how do you begin to learn how to love yourself? Spend more time with yourself – find out more about yourself and you’ll learn more than you would ever know.

Going through these different steps will allow you to not only overcome feelings of jealousy, it’ll also help you find confidence and security within yourself.


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  1. Great post Veronica. I am a firm believer that when we see beauty and greatness in others it’s because we also carry the foundation for the equivalent within ourselves.

  2. This is such an amazing piece. Unfortunately, I have my dad’s negative qualities like jealousy and holding grudges and it’s so hard to let go and move on. Reading your piece has definitely given me food for thought xo

    • Thank you Naomi! I’m glad my post has given you some things to think about! Letting go and moving on is definitely a challenge but you can do it if you just put your mind to it 🙂 X

    • It’s definitely real Marlene! Especially for us bloggers amongst millions of other bloggers, it can definitely be hard not to be jealous! Hahaha thanks for your comment! X

  3. Wonderful post and so full of truth! I struggle so much with jealousy (thanks, social media!) but it only brings me down. When I focus on everything I have, I realise I’m so lucky and have no need to compare! x

    • Thank you Kat for the comment! I definitely agree, social media does not make it easy! But we’re so fortunate already so focusing on that really helps. X

  4. I loved your post. This is a simple process that everyone can apply to overcome any negative emotions you fell. Yes, it needs practice but it is worth. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post! I truly believe in self love & finding the silver lining in all things/people. It is true that some people need kind reminders that we are all beautifully made! 😊💕 #limitededition