Printiki: Easy Ways to Decorate Your Room

Before social media and digital prints, we used to have to develop our photos for 7 cents a photo. From weddings to birthdays, someone would always have a disposable camera and after a few rounds of spinning the knob, click and the photo was taken. We had no second chances at perfecting that smile or deleting it! However, since we’ve stepped into digital photography and Instagram/Facebook, we’ve lost touch with the feeling of a freshly printed photo. I’ve always been a person to savour memories and try my best to print out every photo on my phone but it definitely becomes an inconvenient driving to Kmart, plugging in the USB and selecting photos. Plus that 24 hour wait? No thank you!


I was lucky enough to have printing company from Amsterdam, Printiki reach out to me and offer me 30 photo prints of my choice. Not only do I NOT have to drive anywhere #lazygirlproblems, I could print good quality photos from my Instagram account, Dropbox, Facebook or laptop. Printiki offers easy photo printing for all devices (Samsung, Apple, HTC, Google and all the other ones!) and delivers it straight to your home.

Printiki prints include Retro style which includes a white Polaroid style border in all the different sizes (square or rectangle) and your average everyday prints. Prices are extremely affordable ranging from $6 AUD to $45 AUD depending on the options of sizes and quantity that you choose. Shipping in Australia costs $4.95 for standard economy shipping and $10 for tracking service.

HOWEVER – for just 1 week, Printiki has generously offered you guys FREE shipping because who the hell likes to pay shipping anyway?! Simply use the code ‘beautybyvee‘ and you’ll be eligible for absolutely $0 shipping – just how we like it right? So be sure to check out their website here and use the code beautybyvee. (Valid till 27.03.17)


When it comes to DIY, I’m not very creative. So when I received my Printiki prints, I really didn’t know what to do with them besides Blu Tak them to my mirror border which is kind of a snooze. Then I jumped onto Printiki’s Instagram and there were only about a million photos of other people who received their prints and creatively found ideas to show them off. Here are some of my favourites from Printiki’s Instagram account!


Although these products were sent to me for to review.
My opinion is 100% honest and purely based on my experience with the company.


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