Beauty Brand Low Down – ColourPop Cosmetics

I’m usually always the first to jump onto the latest promos and offers that beauty brands have to offer. I think I’m a good source to come to when my girlfriends ask me ‘what’s the best drug store foundation for dry skin?’ or ‘what’s the best liquid lipstick that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?’

I usually come back with an answer for them and as a bonus, I find them a discount code as well. That’s where I created this idea – each month, I’ll choose 1 beauty brand that I’m obsessing over and review their products.Β Not only will you read honest reviews on their latest beauty products, you’ll even score great discount codes or limited time offers that brands may be running, that you may not know about. IΒ will let you know if I add any affiliate links – whether you choose to use them is completely up to you!

So here’s this month’s latest and greatest!

ColourPop Cosmetics


If you’re new to ColourPop, you better jump on this band wagon ASAP. Aside from Morphe Brushes, ColourPop is probably one of my favourite make up brands that offer quality AND affordable prices. About a month ago, ColourPop decided to tease their neighbouring countries in offering free international shipping for orders over $50 USD! I know. It was incredible. Of course I placed an order (duh). That lasted a few days and we never thought we’d see it happen again so soon. But oh lo and behold, ColourPop announced they’ll be doing the same offer until the end of the year! *insert cute dog with a huge ass smile right here*

If you did not jump over to their website then you are truly missing out! When they ran their first offer, I ordered 9 items (3 eyeshadows and 6 lippies) and spent a total of $51 USD which worked out to be about $67 AUD for all my fellow Australians. Each product was about $7.50. Yeah, let that sink in a minute.

Okay, so you’re obviously stunned by the price right? Let’s talk quality. Cause there’s really no point getting into your face about the money factor alone. It’s safe to say, ColourPop freaking delivers with quality as well. Trust me, swatching their products felt like putting your finger into a tub of butter, eating it but not getting fat. Naaa’mean? It was incredible. Eyeshadows. 100% tick. Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks. A big fat tick. Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Eh. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end – but it’s not that bad, I swear. I purchased 1 Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Rooch (which is a part of the Kae Collection). The pigmentation is ahhhhh-mazing. The finish however can definitely be drying. So, if matte shades are your life – I advise you to put on a really great lip moisturiser before applying Ultra Matte Lippies and hope to god they don’t crack! But that’s honestly the only negative I have to say about ColourPop cosmetics. And even then, it completely justifies the mere $7.50 I spent!

Now, will you excuse me as I go on an evil ColourPop cosmetics buying binge. Mwahahaha…join me if you will!Β

PS. I will definitely have a swatch post coming up very soon – just waiting for my order to arrive!



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