The Year That Was – 5 Things I Achieved in 2017

I cannot believe I’m actually writing this blog post right now! Is 2017 really coming to an end? Is there seriously only half a month left till we start 2018? The year has honestly flown by and I’m here to capture a glimpse of the year that was through my eyes. 2017 was a big year for me – it was an emotional roller-coaster but I’m glad to say that I enjoyed the ride.  I learnt a shit load of things, took on new challenges and put myself in uncomfortable situations to break my barrier.

1. I was made redundant

After exactly 1 year of working as a customer service/marketing assistant for a health and beauty company, I was made redundant. 100% of people who heard the news said ‘at least you got paid out’ which is a win in my books. My situation in this case was considered lucky. I knew the news was coming so I immediately updated my resume, spoke to my manager to be my point of reference and pushed my CV out into the world of, and LinkedIn. I landed a 7 week contract as an EDM specialist which was to start the week after I was made redundant – lucky right? Everything happened extremely quick and I knew this contract (a temporary replacement for someone who would be going away) would look awesome on my resume.

7 weeks isn’t a long time, I absorbed absolutely everything I could from this company so I could be prepared when I moved onto my next job. As soon as I finished up my contract, I moved onto another at the beginning of September – I had about a week off before I started a new contract. The contract that I found (am currently in) is a 12 month maternity leave contract as a marketing assistant.

Being made redundant is a blessing in disguise, it taught me to keep going no matter what. If the old me was made redundant, I would probably take a few weeks off and slowly look for something new however the new me is wiser. Looking for jobs is never easy and I’ll gladly admit that I was extremely lucky to find jobs almost instantly and the one I’m in now, is 20 minutes from home! Cheering!

2. I became more serious about blogging

Blogging has always been a creative outlet for me. I love to write, it’s always been a great passion of mine. But this year, I decided to take it up a notch and give my website a makeover. Whilst the makeover took a lot of time I’m glad I took the plunge – it now shows my portfolio in terms of makeup as well as a brand new logo that I am obsessed with. I also made more effort to reach out and collaborate with some companies which is always exciting!

As for my blog posts, it has slowed down this year because of all the changes going on (time gets in the way right?), so my goal for 2018 is to post weekly – my aim is twice a week, but at the very least, I want 1 post per week! Speaking of blogging, I made new blogger friends this year who I am so grateful for. The blogging community I’m in is extremely supportive, helpful and caring of one another – I feel so lucky to be part of it and can’t wait to meet/e-meet more of you!

3. Better Instagram content

Not to toot my own horn, but I definitely feel my Instagram photos have improved a whole lot this year compared to 2016. Let’s see a comparison shall we?

This year, not only did I try my best to take beautiful photos, I also created video content. It took me a long time to strike up the courage to do this and the overwhelming feedback has been nothing short of supportive. To add to breaking my comfort barrier, I also decided to talk in my Instagram stories. Everyone hates their voice on video right? I know I definitely do, but Instagram stories make me more than just a beauty blogger, it makes me human. Plus, it’s actually really fun talking to you guys.

4. Fitness and health

This was probably the hardest achievement for me this year – still is. I’ll be writing a whole post on this one alone, so to keep it nice and sweet, I have a PT, I train 5 days a week at least and I feel confident about myself! Interested? Tune into my upcoming fitness post!

5. 5 years with my man

2017 was also a year I reached 5 years with the love of my life! I rarely share much of my personal life through my social media channels but this is definitely an achievement for my partner and I. We drive each other up the walls almost every single day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my rock and the one who supported me through every single one of my achievements listed above. Cheers to 5 years baby!


What are your achievements for 2017? What are your goals for 2018? Are you ready to welcome the new year? Join me and let’s make 2018 an amazing one!


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  1. Aww congratulations to you and your partner! Five years is an amazing achievement! My best wishes to many more…
    Although it sounds like 2017 wasn’t easy on you, you didn’t falter and now it looks as though you are better for it! Well done, you should be incredibly proud of yourself and I am looking forward to your upcoming fitness post! All the best for 2018 Xx

    Kez |

    • Thank you so much beautiful! I’ll always have the mentality of turning something negative into positive! I hope you have an amazing end of 2017 and an awesome start to 2018! x

  2. What an awesome year you had! Can’t wait to read your fitness post…getting back to fitness is what I hope to achieve for 2018! I had a baby in July and kept her alive for all these months so that’s a pretty big achievement 😛