Update Your Bedtime Routine!

Living in this century, it’s become completely normal to fall asleep while scrolling through Facebook posts or watching a Youtube video. Believe it or not, being surrounded by our laptops, TV’s and phones before bed every night is so incredibly bad for you! And I am just as guilty as all of you (you know who you are). Not only is my phone/laptop the last thing I see before I snooze off, it’s also the absolute first thing I check to turn off my alarm and update myself with the latest Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat posts. Not to mention my daily dose of ItsJudysLife.

As much as I hated science as a subject in school, it needs to be mentioned that studies have shown that the lighting from our screens actually prevents our brain from releasing melatonin – in short, it sends signals to our brain, telling us that it’s not nighttime. This is probably why we take so long to fall asleep. Throughout the week, I try to change my nighttime routine so that I have a better sleep, because in my very own reality, I’m a sloth – I can sleep all day everyday! So here are my simple steps to a better sleep – trust me, these will save you!

#1 Drink Tea

I’m a coffee lover myself, but I always love a good cuppa tea. It’s been said that chamomile tea is actually really good for calming the body. Chamomile increases glycine which is a chemical that relaxes your muscles and acts as a mild sedative. One of my all time favourite teas include T2’s Sleep Tight which includes lemon balm, lavender, jasmine blossoms and rose petals. However, if you can’t get your hands on this, grab Chamomile tea from your local grocery store and this works just as well!

#2 Turn off Electronics an Hour Before Bedtime

I know how hard it is to completely get rid of technology, so do this step 1 day on, 1 day off – don’t go cold turkey unless you have amazing will power. It almost sounds ridiculous that we have to control ourselves from being on our phones before bed, but it really has gotten to this level. Our minds are so accustomed to scrolling through our phones in the dark. This is probably the hardest step to take in bettering your sleep routine. The way I do it is I put my phone on my desk, not far enough to still hear my alarm but definitely far enough to make me not want to get up and grab my phone (the joys of being lazy!). The only other way is really to practice self control. Think about how much better you’ll be able to sleep throughout the night without the thoughts of new Facebook posts, if anyone’s liked your Instagram photo or if Snapchat’s updated their filters. You have to give people a chance to miss you. You can do it!

#3 No Caffeine After Midday

This is a hard one for caffeine addicts like myself. So join me as we rehabilitate ourselves from coffee! It is perfectly okay to drink coffee early in the morning – whether you need that extra bit of energy or just to feel awake. When the clock strikes 12pm, you should switch it up to juices or water. It’s obvious as to why you should stop drinking coffee after 1pm but with the latest fitness craze Australia’s been blessed with, there’s so many alternative options that can offer similar boosts of energy. Options include coconut water, Kombucha and probiotic drinks. Before drinking these, make sure you do your research about these health alternatives as they may work amazingly for some, it may not work for you.

#4 Dim the Lights

I’ve been a lover of scented candles for awhile now. Turning off the bedroom lights and lighting up some scented candles creates not only a romantic atmosphere, it also allows your body to wind down after a long day. My favourite all time candle would have to be Glasshouse Fragrances in Tahaa Vanilla Caramel – it smells exactly like it sounds. If you have a sweet tooth, this will definitely satisfy your sleeping needs!

#5 Take a Bath

When was the last time you took a nice, long, relaxing bath? I only ever get the chance to take a bath when I go away over the weekend and we stay in a hotel. Otherwise, it almost seems like a waste of time to take one before bed (I’d rather watch another episode of Empire or American Horror Story or Suits). But baths are so incredibly relaxing, especially when you turn off the light and light up some candles (be careful you don’t burn the house down!). Baths also give me the time to catch up on my reading. At the moment, I’m reading Zoella’s recommended book called All the Bright Things which is a young adult fiction book. Try and set aside at least half an hour for a bath and you’ll be left feeling like you need nothing more than sleep.

Try out these 5 steps to better your sleeping routine and I’ll guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby!


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