How to Use Concealer the Right Way

In today’s post, I want to break down the uses of concealers. We tend to accept what Instagram trends tell us way too easily and end up accentuating flaws, rather than hiding them. Apart from using concealer to camouflage blemishes and scars on our skin, it has become a huge trend to use it to brighten our under eye and reflective areas on our face.

Wrong Shade

I guess the first mistake that people tend to make with concealer is choosing the wrong shade. When using a liquid concealer, be sure to choose a shade that is only 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin. The reason for this is because when powder touches liquid, it will darken that specific area. If you choose a concealer that is too dark, the powder will only make it darker and leave you with a shadow under your eye which is what we’re trying to avoid in the first place.

Colour Correcting

I’ve seen so many people completely skip this step and simply go straight to brightening their under eyes. If you want to conceal properly, it’s a good idea to use colour correcting techniques. Under eye circles tend to have a bluish or purple undertone, to balance this out, you’ll need a peach or yellow toned concealer. With scars or blemishes that tend to be pink/red, you will need to use a green concealer.

Under-Eye Brightening

Here is some concealer 101 for you! There are people who love layering on make up to conceal and perfect. However, I personally use foundation where necessary and leave my under eye area bare so I can conceal it later on. Others choose to put foundation everywhere, then layer on the concealer and then finish off with the powder – depending on the quality of the product, this can make your face look very cakey. So to avoid the mess, apply the foundation and leave about 5-6cm of bare skin under your eye. Proceed to colour correct any darkness directly under the eye (about 1-3cm) and finally, if you’re glamming up, apply a concealer (1-2 shades lighter than your skin) under the colour correction. I know – it’s a lot, but it works! This will enhance the middle of your face, giving you a bright and refreshed look.


This new Instagram hype has really taken the beauty world by storm! A lot of people choose to do it as they swear by it – others cannot handle the absurdity! For me personally, I really think it works! Baking refers to applying a layer of powder where you have concealed and leaving it there for about 5-10 minutes. You can then sweep it off and this will leave you with creaseless under eyes and prolong the stay of your concealer. I only ever use this technique when I have a big night out or a special event.

Sponge or Brush?

When it comes to concealer brushes and sponges, there’s such an amazing array of options out there. When I apply my concealer, I tend to apply it with the applicator already on the product (LA Girl Pro Concealer has a brush, Maybelline is a sponge) and then I would distribute it with a large flat eyeshadow brush. To blend everything out nicely, I use a beauty sponge with a pointy end to get right under the inner corner. Definitely find the tool that works for your skin and the product you’ve chosen!

Hopefully you have a better grasp of how to conceal your under eye circles or blemishes! These are just some things that definitely help me with my make up – be sure to do more research if you need to!


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