Water Coconut Homestay Villa Review

Back in 2015, my partner and I travelled to Vietnam for the first time as a couple. For majority of the trip, we stayed in Saigon where my family lived however we also made our way to Hoi An for 6 nights. I had been looking all over the internet for a place to stay in Hoi An – we wanted a place that isn’t too far out of the main district however remain in the countryside where we can experience the way Hoi An residents lived.

I decided to book a homestay villa in Cam Thanh called the Water Coconut Homestay hosted by Mr Thanh and his hospitable family. We flew from Saigon – Tan San Nhat airport to Da Nang airport and was greeted by an uncle who lived there – he drove us to our villa and we were a little skeptical at first. The drive towards the villa was definitely farm land and country. We were completely away from the hustle and bustle of Hoi An town.

For our 6 night stay, we booked the Bungalow, River View room which was such an incredible way to spend our time in Hoi An. Our room opened up to the river where Mr Thanh and his family caught fish and grew their vegetation. We were greeted with open arms and huge smiles from Mr Thanh and Ms Thu – the receptionist. We were taken to our bungalow where they showed us the amenities of the area, where we should go if we wanted to eat and enjoy massages.

The first thing we noticed about the room were the extremely high ceilings – it was such a great space that included all the necessities. The booking we made via Expedia included free breakfast (a selection of both Western and Vietnamese options) for our entire stay and free internet (which you can get pretty much all over the country).

Our stay was made incredibly comfortable, although there were people who worked at the villa and walked around everyday, they were so genuine and kind towards us – they smiled and asked how our day was. We also had the opportunity to borrow their bicycles and ride to town (about 4kms) and enjoy what Hoi An town had to offer us – beautiful scenic views, cheap tailor made clothing which Ms Thu recommended to us, amazing massages that cost next to nothing, authentic Hoi An dishes and happy hour literally all day.

Water Coconut Homestay Villa is perfect for anyone who wants to getaway from the busy city and relax with a beautiful view. We can’t wait to come back and revisit Hoi An, Mr Thanh and his family!


  • Catching a taxi is the best way to get to and from the main Hoi An town at night time – be sure to always use VinaSun Taxi as this is the most trusted company in Vietnam. To be 100% safe, make sure your phone has GPS service and that you know the exact location you need to be
  • Borrow the bicycles or scooters (if you dare) if they are offered to you – you’ll be able to enjoy the authenticity of Hoi An and Vietnam as a whole much better than being in a car
  • ALWAYS negotiate prices when getting clothes made – even if you have to walk away from the deal. There will always be another store 10 steps away that will offer the exact same thing for cheaper!
  • Take full advantage of happy hour – there’s no such thing as 10am-5pm happy hour in Australia and there’s definitely no such thing as a $3 cocktail either. Soak it up!
  • Admire and take inspiration from the people living in Hoi An countryside, you’ll notice how difficult their life is when you stay with them for a long time. They work constantly in 40 degree heat all day, everyday.
  • And finally, enjoy your time here!

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  1. Yes, I had my friend share our fanpage on his timeline and he has shared your blog on his facebook. So I read it and it is interesting and usefull to share our fanpage. Thanks for your nice feeling about our family. See you soon!