What’s the Deal with BB, CC & DD Cream?!

First there was BB cream, then there was CC cream and now, DD cream? What happened to good ol’ foundation?! There are constant beauty trends that are rapidly being released and it’s definitely difficult to know about all of them! In today’s beauty post, I wanted to identify the difference between BB, CC and DD cream – why it’s relevant (or not) and who should be using what.

BB Cream

BB Cream was one of the first foundation alternatives to be released (don’t know what happened to AA cream? Probably gets too confusing with batteries). BB cream stands for Beauty Balm/Blemish Balm and was first introduced to the beauty world as a combination of moisturiser, primer, sunscreen, skin care, concealer AND foundation! Ni’Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist in New Jersey says “The idea of a well-formulated BB cream is that it’s the only product you’ll need after you wash your face”. BB creams were all the hype back in 2011 – I remember purchasing the Garnier Oil Free Light BB Cream but really didn’t like it that much! I also tried the Rimmel BB Cream Matte and this actually turned out to be one of the first ‘foundations’ I used and loved when I started playing around with make up.

It’s hard for us to find 1 specific product that covers almost everything, that’s why it has become a debatable beauty product. BB cream provides great sun care and okay coverage – so if you’re looking for a sunscreen and concealer all in one, a BB cream is great for you. It doesn’t, however, moisturise, prime or give great coverage as your other beauty products would. The perfect time to use a BB cream is when you’re feeling a little lazy, the sun’s out and you have to run an errand – slap on some BB cream for a natural coverage and sun protection. I DON’T recommend it for a glamorous night out!

CC Cream

CC cream stands for ‘colour correct’ or ‘colour correcting’ – when I think of CC creams, I immediately am drawn to iT Cosmetics’ CC cream which provides amazing coverage. Amongst the sea of BB creams, beauty companies decided to branch out and create CC creams which focus mainly on colour correcting the skin and some even provide SPF. If you were to ask me if CC creams were necessary I would definitely say no. For me, a foundation and concealer work the same way as a CC cream and they almost seem like a gimmick to me.

DD Cream

So DD creams areΒ the latest hybrid of them all, combining coverage and anti-aging formulas targeting mature women. DD stands for Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-All (yep.) These haven’t really made a break through (as you can tell from the lonely image above) like BB or CC creams have and let’s hope it doesn’t. We have enough foundations and concealers to choose from already!

So that’s the basic low down on BB, CC and DD creams – let’s hope for the sake of all sakes that they’ll never release a EE cream…


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  1. Such a great post!! I am a huge fan of BB creams, and then when the CC creams and DD creams come out, I cant even follow. Im loving the esthetic of your blog! Easy to navigate and clean!